25 May 2024
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59 of the 444 Viscounts built survive as complete airframes or major components. Some are in very good condition and are looked after by museums while others are just wrecks. They can be found in 24 countries.

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Aircraft accident books

Books about aircraft accidents

Flights to Disaster

by Andrew J Brookes

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More people die in an average year from falling down stairs than in air disasters. This book illustrates each aircraft incident and details cockpit and crew conversations recorded prior to impact. Readers are offered safety precautions, advice for surviving accidents, and the happy details of several crashes meeting the old adage that "a good landing is one you can walk away from".

Included in this book are details of the crash on the 25 February 1994 of the BWA - British World Airlines V.813 Viscount c/n 349 G-OHOT. The Viscount crashed near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England en-route from Turnhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland to Baginton, Coventry, Warwickshire, England on cargo flight number 4272.

Air Disaster - Volume 1

by Macarthur Job

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This text examines the harsh lessons of air tragedies, detailing some of the operational experiences which, for all their grim consequences, helped to evolve a global mass-transport system to a level of safety and reliability beyond anything the world had ever seen.

Beginning with the saga of the ill-fated Comet, the world's first jetliner, specialist air safety officer, Macarthur Job, brings to life the story behind some of the jet-age accidents that followed, each of them adding to the industry's sum total of knowledge and experience to make operations safer in the future.

Based on official accident-investigation reports, and supplemented by extensive additional research, it opens up the intricacies of high-altitude, high-speed jetliner operations.

Air Disaster - Volume 2

by Macarthur Job

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This volume examines the way unforeseen hazards of jet-age aviation progressively came to light through costly real-world experience, often with an inevitable toll in tragedy and human lives.

Yet for all their grim consequences, these harsh lessons have helped to evolve a transport system on a scale beyond anything the world has ever seen, and at a safety level that statistically surpasses even the normal hazards of everyday life.

Concorde has had 20 years of accident-free revenue flying, and the Boeing 747 jet has had 25 years of successful operation. Yet for all these technical successes, and the overall standards of safety they have achieved, the art and science of advanced aeronautics and their associated technologies are not yet perfected.

This book examines incidents in which flying conditions were so adverse that accepted aviation wisdom was shown to be lacking.

Nor has the complex relationship between technological progress and expertise on one hand, and human frailty on the other, been fully resolved.

Based primarily on official investigation reports, supplemented by extensive external research, each of these accounts has been selected to exemplify the problems encountered, both operational and human.

Air Disaster - Volume 3

by Macarthur Job

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This book describes and unfolds in concise and spellbinding detail why these airliners crashed and the valuable lessons learnt.

For aviation enthusiasts in and around the ancient French provincial town of Mulhouse, in the upper Rhine valley, near the junction of the Swiss and German borders, Sunday, June 26, was a notable date in their 1988 calendar of events.

Air Disaster - Volume 4
The Propeller Era

by Macarthur Job

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For anyone interested in flight and why sometimes technology fails, previously unknown effects of weather or pilot error occurs. The devastating effects on the the aeroplane, its passengers and crew and witnesses on the ground are detailed without emotion.

Macarthur Job brings detail into all these incidents. He makes you live it and then with superb and understandable language even for the layman explains why this accident happened.

O Rastro da Bruxa - Histtria da Aviatio Comercial Brasileira

O Rastro da Bruxa - The Witch's Trail

by Comandante Carlos Ari Cesar Germano da Silva

O Rastro da Bruxa - História da aviação comercial brasileira no século 20 através de seus acidentes: 1928-1996.

The Witch's Trail - History of Brasilian Commercial Aviation in 20th Century through its Accidents: 1928 - 1996.

Photo of BEA - British European Airways Viscount G-AOJC

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