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59 of the 444 Viscounts built survive as complete airframes or major components. Some are in very good condition and are looked after by museums while others are just wrecks. They can be found in 24 countries.

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Established 2005
Vickers Viscount Network
A Virtual Museum dedicated to the Vickers-Armstrongs VC2 Viscount

Brooklands Viscount Day

The Vickers Viscount Network 2011 get-together

Brooklands Museum Viscount G-APIM c/n 412 first flew at Weybridge in June 1958

Brooklands Museum Viscount G-APIM c/n 412 first flew at Weybridge in June 1958
Brooklands Viscount Day is a celebration of the dedicated team at
Brooklands Museum who maintain Viscount G-APIM c/n 412

BEA - British European Airways Viscount c/n 1 G-AHRF
BEA - British European
Airways Viscount
c/n 1 G-AHRF

The Vickers Viscount Network and the Brooklands Museum invited everyone with an interest in the Vickers Viscount, together with their family and friends, to 'Brooklands Viscount Day', a day where this famous aircraft took centre stage. The event was held at the Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey, England KT13 0SL on Saturday 1st October 2011.

In its day the Viscount was as much of a ground breaking aircraft as Concorde was 20 years later. The Vickers Viscount Network has been created to preserve the memory of this, the most successful British Airliner ever built and the first 'Jet' powered aircraft in the world to carry fare paying passengers on a scheduled service.

The 'Virtual Museum' has attracted a worldwide membership of Viscount minded people who come from all walks of life. The membership includes air and ground crews, and engineers - past and present, aviation journalists, artists, photographers, collectors, model makers, enthusiasts, people who make and fly computer flight simulators, and people who just enjoyed flying on, or just watching, the Viscount.


We were to meet Brian Burrage and Geoff Blampied, co-founders of the Virtual Museum, and several members of the Vickers Viscount Network UK research team and members of the Brooklands Museum Viscount Team, just before 11am at the Upstairs Conference Room in the Education Centre. You will be able to identify the Vickers Viscount Network team by their gold and green Vickers Viscount Network badges.

Starting at 11am there was a series of presentations about the Vickers Viscount, Brooklands Museum and G-APIM, the Rolls-Royce Dart, the Viscount Preservation Trust, the Vickers-Armstrongs archive at Brooklands, BMA - British Midland Airways Viscounts, and the Vickers Viscount Network.

After lunch everyone met outside at 2pm by Viscount G-APIM to be split into 3 groups, one to visit Viscount G-APIM, one to visit Viscount XT575, and one to hear the presentation by Brian Burrage about the Rolls-Royce Dart. The groups then swapped twice allowing everyone to participate in each area.

The visit to the nose section of Viscount c/n 438 XT575 was a special for 'Brooklands Viscount Day' as it is not normally open to the public.


Hosting the event was Julian Bourn member of the Brooklands Museum and a Vickers Viscount Network researcher, and John Woodhouse the Brooklands Museum Viscount team leader.

Tom Singfield, of FOVSP - Friends of Viscount Stephen Piercey talked about the history of Viscount c/n 412 G-APIM.

Friends of Viscount Stephen Piercey

John Woodhouse, the Brooklands Museum's Viscount team leader, talked about the work and challenges that have been completed so far, and the work and challenges that they face in the future to keep G-APIM in good order for future generations to enjoy.

BMA - British Midlands Airways Viscount c/n 77 G-AODG
BMA - British Midlands
Airways Viscount
c/n 77 G-AODG

George Stringer talked about the BMA - British Midland Airways Viscounts.

Romer Adams talked about the Viscount Preservation Trust that was created in Liverpool to save the oldest surviving Viscount G-ALWF.

Julian Bourn and Richard Stanton, Vickers Viscount Network UK researchers and Brooklands Museum members, described the work they have been doing with the Vickers-Armstrongs archive at Brooklands museum.

Brian Burrage the Vickers Viscount Network co-founder, historian, photo archivist, and Rolls-Royce Dart Engineer, was scheduled to talk about the Rolls-Royce Dart, the historic and ground breaking engine, but was unable to attend the even due to ill health.

Questions: - The guys from the Vickers Viscount Network and the Brooklands Museum were happy to take questions at any time throughout the presentations.

Live Webcast

The event was broadcast LIVE over the Internet and across the world to people who were unable to attend. The Webcast started just before 11am United Kingdom time and ran until the indoor presentations were complete at approximately 1pm.

Webcast viewer

Cockpit of Viscount c/n 438 XT575
Viscount c/n 438 XT575

Informal Gatherings

During the event there was a comfort break to allow for informal gatherings and lunch. It was suggested that everyone brought their own lunch as the 'Sunbeam Café' might have had difficulty in catering for all participants in the half-hour available.

After the event everyone was invited to tour the rest of the museum including the Vanguard and the VC-10, noting that the museum closed at 5pm with the gates shutting at 5.15pm.


'Brooklands Viscount Day' was FREE to everyone attending apart from the normal Brooklands Museum admission fees and lunch.

Brooklands Museum visitor information and admission prices

The voluntary donations to help with the up-keep of the Viscount was much appreciated - a Dart spinner converted into a money box is just inside the entrance of the Viscount for those of you who will visit in the future!

Join the Vickers Viscount Network

You did not have to be a member of the Vickers Viscount Network to enjoy 'Brooklands Viscount Day'. Membership of the Virtual Museum is FREE and is open to everyone who has an interest in the Viscount. By joining our World Wide Network of people with an interest in the Vickers Viscount you will receive regular Newsletters hot off the press and delivered directly to your e-mail in-box. The Newsletters contain details about the Viscount, interesting items from fellow members, and notification of the latest photos and information to be added to the Museum.

Vickers Viscount Network membership details

Whatever your interest in the Viscount you were most welcome
to join us at 'Brooklands Viscount Day'

BAF - British Air Ferries Viscount G-APIM

On 11 January 1988 at Rochford, Southend, Essex, England the Fairflight operated
Shorts SD3-30 had problems with its hydraulic system and was prepared for a flight
to Biggin Hill, Kent for maintenance. The aircraft was taxiing with its engines at a high
power setting, when suddenly the nose gear steering failed. The aircraft entered an
un-commanded left turn and collided with the stationary Viscount G-APIM.

History and photos of Viscount c/n 412 G-APIM
History and photos of Viscount c/n 438 XT575
October 2011 newsletter - Brooklands Viscount Day report

Photo of BEA - British European Airways Viscount G-AOJC

The Vickers Viscount Network is always interested to hear from anyone who has information or photographs to help complete the story of the Viscount. If you can help please contact us at

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