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Established 2005
Vickers Viscount Network
A Virtual Museum dedicated to the Vickers-Armstrongs VC2 Viscount

Vickers Viscount Network

May 2010 Newsletter

Dear Member

Welcome to the third Vickers Viscount Network Newsletter for 2010 - It is good to see that now these are coming out on a regular basis people are coming forward with information and photographs. Just by looking at the 'latest 50 photographs' page you will see how rapidly new contributions have been loaded. An e-mail with photos attached came in while I was typing the above paragraph!

Carrying on the team 'family' spirit is behind the idea of having a gathering at Duxford later in the year. The planned meeting is a 'work in progress' project as noted elsewhere in this newsletter. Also welcome are indications of spare part inventories and you can also read about some these here.


USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS (including copyright issues)

BEA Viscount c/n 64 G-ANHD. BEA - British European Airways
Viscount c/n 64 G-ANHD

Geoff Blampied and Brian Burrage receive requests to 'buy, borrow, use' etc. photographs for other publications and media. Because of copyright issues, the site founders have an explicit policy of not making material on the site available for copying. Although this may not sound user friendly, it must be remembered that material is kindly donated by contributors and out of respect, a determined effort is made to protect their copyright. While on this subject, if you do have any queries as to photo origin references, please contact Geoff.

Please be very careful when sending in photographs to make every effort to try and identify the photographer. Recently a photograph surfaced which clearly shows who the photographer is however the copy which we have had on the site for a while was accredited to the contributor. If you cannot identify the photographer you can still send in your photographs as we will credit it to the contributor’s collection until advised otherwise.


Hunting-Clan Viscount c/n 76 G-ANRT. Hunting-Clan Viscount c/n 76 G-ANRT

A new page has been loaded under PHOTOS on the site. The idea of this page is to make it easier to find an aircraft photo not just by tracking through an aircraft but by ownerships etc. It may be that you don't know the aircraft but do know the airline. Now with this page it should make the searching a little easier and quicker. Geoff continues to work at making all photos available in thumbnail presentation so that you can see at a glance what is available. Simply click on a selected photo and an enlarged version will appear with a more detailed caption. To revert to the thumbnail range click on the thumbnail button. Some subjects have more than 51 pictures loaded and in such cases a second page has been created to cater for photos 52 to 102. Page 3 would cater for photos 103 to 153 and so on.


Viscount c/n 387 CF-TIG. Viscount c/n 387 CF-TIG

We get many offers to supply photos. Brian has a standard plea to donors, "We need scans of at least 600 DPI / 500 KB to produce a decent sized image on the website." Sending them in this format would save Brian and Geoff a lot of work and should see your pictures on the website that much sooner. Not that they would refuse smaller DPI photos, it's just that the correct sizes are easier to prepare for uploading and generally take precedence. If you need help scanning your photos then contact Brian Burrage at brian.burrage@vickersviscount.net who provides the Vickers Viscount Network quality, secure and FREE scanning service.

To provide information and photos for inclusion in the Virtual Museum please send them to information@vickersviscount.net.


Misrair Viscount c/n 85 SU-AIC. Misrair Viscount c/n 85 SU-AIC

From the Main Menu: - Photos >> Photos by Construction Number or Registration. Select the Construction Number or Registration that you are interested in, e.g. SU-AIC or 85, then press [Go]. Note that you can scroll to the right of each photograph for a snap shot on what's new in the photograph department. Note too that the pictures are now presented in thumbnail fashion. The home page has the latest 2 photos that are automatically updated every time Geoff adds photos. Also there are 3 random photos at the top of the page that changes every time you visit the home page.


New links have recently been installed. Under LINKS look at 'Vickers Viscount spares for sale' and also 'Vickers Vanguard network'. Many of the Viscount followers have a keen interest in its stable mate the Vickers Vanguard. When looking at the contributors for that site you will see many names associated with the Viscount. Also under PHOTOS there is a new page 'Viscount film from British Pathe'. Have a look at it but take note of the warning regarding the British Eagle crash containing some shocking images. If searching for survivors in smouldering wreckage is not your scene then don't view that footage.


MMA - MacRobertson Miller Airlines Viscount c/n 45 VH-RMQ MMA - MacRobertson Miller Airlines
Viscount c/n 45 VH-RMQ

There is compelling reading surrounding a fatal accident concerning this Viscount which led to the ultimate grounding of all V.700 series Viscounts in Australia.

Have a look at VH-RMQ c/n 45 for comprehensive details.


If you drag the scroll bar on the website across to the right you will see another column of information in orange and yellow. Always worth a look at.



Duxford Aviation Society's Viscount G-ALWF Duxford Aviation Society's
Viscount c/n 5 G-ALWF

John Overhill has been working behind the scenes to arrange a visit to Duxford to inspect G-ALWF, c/n 5, which is the oldest surviving Viscount. Currently we are looking at Saturday 31st July.

A confirmed date will probably be announced during May at which stage precise details on where to meet, when and who to contact etc. will be provided.

At this stage we can say that all attendees would enter Duxford as normal visitors paying the standard entrance fee (or nothing if a Duxford member). From there onwards the Vickers Viscount Network event is free though it would be good if we all gave a donation to the Duxford Aviation Society to help them with their work.

Meet Vickers Viscount Network key members (identified by their smart new Vickers Viscount Network badges) by the nose of G-ALWF POSSIBLY at 11 am.

Depending on numbers attending the DAS - Duxford Aviation Society will give a presentation about G-ALWF on board G-ALWF! Will this be the first time since the aircraft retired that she will have a full load of 'passengers'. Following the presentation the DAS crew will give us a tour of G-ALWF. - Thank you John.


TCA Viscount c/n 387 CF-TIG. TCA Viscount
c/n 387 CF-TIG

David Peters reports 'I was having coffee with a group of Viscount pilots yesterday and they reminded me of the story of the Viscounts on the New York run. So the story goes, the terminal at Idlewild had a problem with rats. When Viscount services began the rats disappeared from the TCA section of the building apparently they didn't enjoy the sound of the Dart as much as some. I must note that one has to speak loudly when speaking to an ex Viscount pilot'.



Mike Finnegan in the United States says his company 'has enough spare parts to keep three Viscounts running for years'. Have a look at the Vickers Viscount spares for sale page under LINKS.


Okay - by now you may have built your very own Viscount out of the above large collection of spare parts and so it is time to breathe some life in to her soul, courtesy of David Peters. Note that he is the same person who told us about the problem at Idlewild above! Turn up your speakers and try: www.entertonement.com/.

BEA - British European Airways Viscount c/n 66 G-ANHF BEA - British European Airways
Viscount c/n 66 G-ANHF

HINT: Remember there are four engines to start so why not open four sessions of google at once. Now open a fifth session and select a photo in which there is a Viscount taxiing. Pick for example Andrew Hartill`s front on picture taken at Elmdon in February 1957 of G-ANHF which is c/n 66. Now select the first four sessions and paste in to each of them the above www and listen to those four mighty Darts wind up! Now go back to the photograph. Fasten seat belts! Agreed, it is taxiing in but it does add a bit more action. You can always pull the orange progress bars back and start her up again!

Adds Newsletter Editor Peter Layne 'My wife didn't seem to mind when I ground tested the above . . . Reminds me of the time we had a topdressing (crop-duster) plane working near our place. While she was at the hair salon for a ball that night I was taping recording the top-dresser, which made several visits from distant Ardmore Aerodrome. I set the tape recorder to come on high about two hours after we got home from the ball! Ooops!'


James Maitland has come forward with an exciting plan. 'Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to help me, I am a very keen scale aero modeller mostly RC and I'm a member of the LMA (Large Model Association) and I'm looking into starting a new project of a 1/6 scale Viscount V.800. The first stage is to make a plan this is done from a three view the larger more detailed the better. I have seen the 3 view on blueprints.com but there's not to much detail in that one, do you think you might be able to help me find a decent 3 view, thank you in advance, James'.

If anyone can help James contact him at scale.modeller@hotmail.co.uk.

New Zealand National Airways Corporation Viscount c/n 283 ZK-BRF New Zealand National Airways
Viscount c/n 283 ZK-BRF

James has been asked to keep the readership informed on progress on this project.

Peter Layne in New Zealand recalls in the early 1960s that someone there did build and fly a large scale model of an NZNAC Viscount V.807 model. He knows there was an article about it in NZNAC's Staff magazine and will try and hunt it down for details. - It would be interesting to find out what happened to the model. Who knows, it may still survive.


Mandala Airlines Viscount c/n 433 PK-RVS Mandala Airlines Viscount
c/n 433 PK-RVS

'Like falling in love with a pretty girl' is how Erman Makmur describes his association with the Vickers Viscount. Original but fair comment! Erman flew in a Mandala Viscount 30 years ago from Medan to Jakarta and back to Medan. Clearly it was an occasion he looks back on fondly and now he is looking for a model complete in Mandala's colours.

If anyone can assist Erman please contact him at erman@comexindointernational.co.id and copy the Viscount Network information address into the e-mail.

Before going to print Brian Burrage corresponded with Erman mentioning that he has been a Rolls-Royce Dart overhaul engineer for over thirty years now and regularly visited Indonesia to see the following operators, mainly in Jakarta, but also in Surabaya: - Airfast, Bouraq, Citra Air, Indonesia Air Transport, Indonesian Air Force (at Halim), Merpati Nusantara, Mandala, Rajawali Air, Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter, Sempati Air Transport and Trigana Air Service. On one of the trips he purchased 20 Dart engines that had been removed from the stored Viscounts at Jakarta and they were shipped to the UK for spares use.


Which Viscount is this at Puembo, Ecuador? Which Viscount is this
at Puembo, Ecuador?

Andreas Hartmann in Switzerland reports 'I am travelling in May 2010 to Ecuador and I will try to see and inspect Viscount HC-CAG in Puembo (10km east of Quito). This plane is stored in the garden of an hotel called Laguardia. The house and the Viscount in the garden belonged formerly to a general of the Ecuador Air Force, named General Carlos Alfredo Gudiño, hence the fake registration HC-CAG. According to a local enthusiast webpage it is c/n 226 ex XC-POV. If possible I would like to check the c/n plate.

According to Brian Burrage it is usually on a stainless steel plate fitted to an internal panel or bulkhead between the front of the cabin and the cockpit. There may also be a callsign placard on the instrument panel. Brian comments further; 'We hope you are successful in positively identifying 'HC-CAG'. Have a great trip and if possible, please take loads of photos, both inside and outside!'

We look forward to a report on your visit.


Kuwait Airways Viscount c/n 71 G-APTA Kuwait Airways Viscount
c/n 71 G-APTA

Grahame Higgs in Australia has highlighted a website he has found which has some interesting Viscount pictures. Have a look at: -


Thank you Grahame.


Mike and Dave Humphrey (who are researching the history of Bovingdon - Air Station 112) ask 'Any idea of the registration of the first BEA Viscount which did take off and landing / engine out trials at Bovingdon. It spent a whole day doing circuits and bumps, - returning to Heathrow only to re-fuel and change crews'. If you know the answer send an email to Dave at humphrey779@btinternet.com. Does anyone know the date (approximate) of this occurrence?


Thomas Jung has made an inquiry about Sphinx Air which has led to a database airlinehobby.com. Select Viscount and this should lead you to a vast selection of Viscount photos for sale on line. Obviously similar results are achieved for other selected criteria.


CAA - Central African Airways Viscount c/n 98 VP-YNA CAA - Central African Airways
Viscount c/n 98 VP-YNA

Neil Gaunt has kindly supplied the following account of Central African Airways. Stories like these are always welcome as apart from being interesting they serve to not only spread the knowledge of Viscount operations but can also fill in gaps in the original story. Always remember that when you share a story it need not be 100% complete. There are always readers in every environment who may have some vital clue to help present the total picture. Neil has other stories for us to read which he will supply in due course. Thanks Neil.

Says Neil, 'Central African Airways was a progressive company albeit a small one. They were the first airline in Africa with Viscounts when they introduced a fleet of five Type V.748D Viscounts in 1956. The aircraft all had names beginning with M, with Central African connections; Malvern, Matopos, Mlange, Mweru and Mpica'.

CAA - Central African Airways Viscount c/n 102 VP-YNE CAA - Central African Airways
Viscount c/n 102 VP-YNE

'In those happy days where security was not even thought about, the airline opened a Viscount to the public, by parking it outside the hangar and letting anyone come and look the aircraft over. I was a schoolboy at the time and remember the line of people waiting to look inside, looking up the jetpipes and generally being fascinated by the highly polished aircraft'.

'The aircraft were delivered with provision for slipper tanks for long range operations and flew a weekly service from Salisbury to London, taking two or three days on the trip. Sadly it was on one of these trips that VP-YNE was written off when she flew into the escarpment at Benghazi (Libya). The subsequent inquiry found that the altimeter settings were incorrect, costing 36 lives.' (An account of this accident on 9 August 1958 is also recorded on this aircraft's history page on the website).


LAC - Lineas Aereas Canarias Viscount c/n 264 EC-DXU LAC - Lineas Aereas Canarias
Viscount c/n 264 EC-DXU

Martin Hinton has come forward wanting to know more about an airline he and his wife used on their honeymoon. From what he tells us this company is LAC - LINEAS AEREAS CANARIAS.

Martin reports. 'We found an advert for cheap tickets to England we booked them with out much thought. The only problem was that the flight left Los Rodeos in Tenerife landed first at Sevilla then Bilbao and then on to Southend. Being used to the usual direct flights this seemed a bit different to say the least. When we got to Los Rodeos the airline was Area Lineas Canarias and when we saw the aircraft my wife was a little shocked when she saw what to her seemed like a WWII bomber. Having a interest in aviation I knew that it was a Vickers Viscount, I only wish I had taken some photos but I didn't unfortunately. I remember being seated in more or less the centre of the aircraft and that the seats were like armchairs. The whole aircraft was in very good condition and looked like it had just been refurbished. When it started up the noise was incredible, not what we were used to anyway. The rest of the passengers seemed to be young couples like ourselves, possibly all looking for cheap tickets'.

LAC - Lineas Aereas Canarias Viscount c/n 264 EC-DXU LAC - Lineas Aereas Canarias
Viscount c/n 264 EC-DXU

'When we took off I remember how low we flew you could easily see boats and ships and then when over land could make out cars trains even a motor bike race as we took off from Sevilla. We landed at Southend at night and I remember being last off as by this time my wife was quite ill. The whole flight took well over 10 hours which for me is still the most interesting commercial flight I have ever been on. What I would like to know is a little more about this airline and why it was using Viscounts because I have never been able to find out any more about it or the Viscounts it was using, can you help?'


Thomas Mueller kindly advises us of his Philatelic collection of Viscounts.

Vickers Viscount Stamps
Vickers Viscount Stamps

The webmasters intend to incorporate this subject at some point on the website and will eventually use his very useful scans. If you wish chat to him his email is thomas.mueller@dfs.de.


TCA - Trans-Canada Airlines Stewardess

Through Jack Stephens we have received a TCA Stewardess recruiting brochure, supplied by Jim Bruce who worked at the Winnipeg Overhaul Base in the Viscount years.

The brochure makes interesting reading. Have a look too at www.jim-bruce.com. Certainly worth a visit.


One night late in July, a stray deer fell prey to the whirling propeller of an inbound Viscount at Saint John N.B., and was buried by a Municipal Airport crew alongside the runway on which it was hit.

The accident happened as Flight 426 from Montreal and Fredericton touched down on what was to be a brief stop before continuing on to Halifax. Only one of the passengers saw the accident and he called to Stewardess Alice Francis, 'I think we hit a deer'.

She informed the pilot, Captain Donald Dubriteil of Montreal who swung the aircraft and picked up the body of a big buck deer and its sheared antlers in his landing lights. As a precautionary measure the aircraft was grounded and the remainder of the passengers bound for other parts of the Maritimes were placed aboard another aircraft.



Mention must be made of the great efforts by many to research Viscount history. Richard Stanton and Julian Bourn have been working away at this for quite some time and they recently gained access to the official Production History from Vickers-Armstrongs. Whilst conducting some research at Brooklands for Peter Upton regarding the Aer Lingus V.707's, Richard Stanton came across a Vickers Contract List. This document (on two A3 sheets), is dated the Fourth Quarter of 1961, and lists the precise date that all Viscount Contracts for Purchase was signed. The data is arranged in Viscount Type No order with Customer Name, Number of Aircraft ordered etc. A new web page is being created to record this information, similar to the lists already in place for the Construction Numbers / Date of First Flight. This will be a useful addition to the website, and would compliment the existing data already shown.

The Viscount list is divided separately into both the 700 and 800 series aircraft. Vickers record each aircraft in chronological Production Number order, which is different to the constructor's number. Without exception, every book on the Viscount published to-date with a 'production list' shows the aircraft in constructor's number order (standard practice).

Others who have been researching extensively include Peter Upton, Brian Burrage, Geoff Blampied, Jack Stephens, Terry Baker and David Peters. There are others and what must be remembered is that every detail that comes in is potentially useful so if you do have something to share do not hesitate as it may be a piece of the 'missing jigsaw'. There are various debates going on which require resolution. For example, available engineering records from BEA suggest that the first Mk.506s were fitted in May 1955 but there is an inference that G-ALWF had her engines upgraded to Mk.506 in 1954. Obviously something is not right there. Does anyone know the answer? Google searching is not necessarily going to provide the right answer as it is the result of research. The answer is more likely going to come from primary sources such as manufacturers records, or magazines etc. with photographic evidence.


The series is a regional survey of aircraft manufactures in Britain from 1908 to approx 2005. Each volume starts with an overview of the development of the Industry, followed by a County-by-County and location-by-location description of each Company, large or small engaged in aircraft construction. This includes many companies engaged in contract production during both World Wars and extends to firms that only built very few or single examples of aircraft. The only exclusions are gliders, balloons and most micro-lights.

Volume 2 (South West & Central Southern England) published March 2003 ISBN 0 7524 2785 7. * (Hurn)
Volume 3 (South East England) published July 2004 ISBN 0 7524 2993 0 * (Weybridge)
Volume 4 (Central & Eastern England) published December 04 ISBN 0 7524 3162 5
Volume 5 (Northern England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) published July 2005 ISBN 0 7524 3487 X


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Photo of BEA - British European Airways Viscount G-AOJC

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