25 May 2024
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Viscount Survivors

59 of the 444 Viscounts built survive as complete airframes or major components. Some are in very good condition and are looked after by museums while others are just wrecks. They can be found in 24 countries.

Viscount history

Discover the history of the Viscount with film, video, contemporary reports from the pages of Flight Magazine, our newsletters, and aircraft operational records and photos from our database.

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Our 'Live Magazine' is used by members and non-members to share their Viscount photos and stories with fellow enthusiasts located throughout the world in real time.

You are able to send in your photos, stories and comments by Facebook, Twitter or email and we will post them for all to enjoy.

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Established 2005
Vickers Viscount Network
A Virtual Museum dedicated to the Vickers-Armstrongs VC2 Viscount

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The team enjoy communicating

The team here at the Vickers Viscount Network are very friendly and enjoy communicating with people who have an interest in the Viscount by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.

Aer Lingus V.805 Viscount c/n 312 EI-ALG

Preserving the memory of the Vickers-Armstrongs VC2 Viscount

How to send information and photos to the museum

To provide information and photos for inclusion in the virtual museum, please send them to:-


Photos should be scanned as a JPEG (.jpg) ideally producing an image of at least 600 KB to give us something to work from. Scanning prints at 600 DPI and slides and negatives at 1,200 DPI usually produces good results.

Don't worry about the condition of your photos as we can work wonders with most images that have strange colours, dust marks, or blemishes. Contact Brian Burrage at the above e-mail address for advice.

Brian can also scan any material on loan if required which would be handled with great care and returned promptly. Any material supplied is gratefully appreciated.

General enquires

If you have a general enquiry relating to the Viscount or the Vickers Viscount Network please contact us at

GeneralEnquiries@VickersViscount.net We will do our best to answer your question quickly.

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Membership of the Vickers Viscount Network is FREE and is open to everyone who has an interest in the Viscount.

By joining our worldwide network of people with an interest in the Vickers Viscount you will receive regular newsletters hot off the press and delivered directly to your e-mail in-box. The newsletters contain details about the Viscount, interesting items from fellow members, and notification of the latest photos and information to be added to the virtual museum.

Membership details

The research team

Are unpaid volunteers

The research team at the Vickers Viscount Network are all unpaid volunteers who work on this project around their daytime jobs and family commitments. They can be contacted at information@vickersviscount.net

The Vickers Viscount Network is looking for more volunteers from every country in the world that operated the Viscount to help research the histories of each aircraft. If you have spare time and would like to participate please see our membership page for further details.


BEA - British European Airways Viscount G-AOJC

England Flag

The Vickers Viscount Network was founded in 2005

Brian Burrage

Co-founder, historian and photo archivist
Runcton, near Chichester, West Sussex, England PO20 1PN


Geoff Blampied

Co-founder, web designer and webmaster
Norwich, Norfolk, England NR7 0WY


The research team - Australia

TAA - Trans-Australia Airlines Viscount VH-TVE

Australia Flag

Allan Taylor

Australian researcher, Brisbane

Bill Halliwell

Australian researcher, ex-RAAF - Documentary film maker - Writer/Producer, Lindisfarne

David Carter

Australian aviation illustrator and researcher

Mark Pilkington

VH-TVR restoration team, Moorabbin near Melbourne

Peter Gates

Australian researcher - Qantas staff, Brisbane

The research team - Brasil

VASP - Viação Aérea São Paulo SA Viscount PP-SRC

Brasil Flag

Marcus Salles

Brasilian researcher, Belo Horizonte City, Brasil
Retired airline pilot and Viscount model maker

The research team - Canada

TCA - Trans-Canada Air Lines Viscount CF-TGM

Canada Flag

Dave Peters

CF-THG restoration team Sidney, British Columbia
Retired Air Canada Airbus A340 Captain

Fergus Kyle

Canadian researcher
Retired RCAF, TCA and Air Canada Captain

Jack Stephens

Canadian researcher - Calgary, Alberta
Former TCA - Trans-Canada Air Lines mechanical accessories technician

Robert Arnold

Canadian researcher and aviation photographer, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ron Rhodes

Canadian researcher - Waterloo, Ontario

Wally Hasker

Canadian researcher
Ex Air Canada Viscount Captain

The research team - Colombia

LAC - Lloyd Aereo Colombiano Viscount HK-943X

Colombia Flag

Jaime Escobar

Colombia and Latin America researcher, Florida
Works in the aviation industry

The research team - England

BEA - British European Airways Viscount G-AOYS

England Flag

Alan Beardmore

UK researcher
Ex BMA - British Midland Airways and Dan-Air London engineer

Alex Ford

PC Viscount flight simulators

Anthony McLauchlan

UK researcher
Ex BEA - British European Airways Viscount Captain and Training Captain

Bob O'Brien

UK researcher - Liverpool, Merseyside, England L25 0PY
BA - British Airways senior cabin crew

Brian Powell - (sadly now deceased)

UK researcher - Effingham, Surrey, England KT24 5LP
Vickers-Armstrongs test pilot
The first commercial pilot to have his licence endorsed for the Viscount
Chief training captain for Hunting-Clan, test pilot for the British United Group

RIP June 2014

Cliff Newton

UK researcher - Chichester, West Sussex
Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 training captain
Ex BMA - British Midland Airways, BAF - British Air Ferries, Air Liban and Air Algerie Viscount pilot

Clive Worboys

UK researcher

Colville Wemyss

UK researcher and internet marketing

Craig Summerfield

UK researcher, Southend-on-Sea, Essex
Ex BAF - British Air Ferries and BWA - British World Airlines

Dave Robinson

Vickers Viscount Network newsletter production

Ed Jones

UK researcher - Whitefield, Manchester, England N45 6TW
Retired IT consultant

George Burton

UK researcher, Hadleigh, Essex
Manager Technical Affairs, European Regions Airline Association
Ex BAF - British Air Ferries

George Stringer

UK East Midlands researcher - Derby, Derbyshire, England DE21 7QW
Retired BMA - British Midlands Airways

Jamie Popplewell

International researcher - Hockley, Essex, England SS5 4JB
ex BAF - British Air Ferries engineer

John Overhill

G-ALWF restoration team Duxford

John Woodhouse

G-APIM restoration team Brooklands - Byfleet, Surrey

John Young

UK researcher - ex Vickers-Armstrongs, Weybridge, 1954 - 1987

Julian Bourn

UK researcher - BA - British Airways Boeing 777 captain

Keith Brooks

UK researcher & communication team member

Michael Blank

UK researcher

Mike Higgins

F-BGNR restoration team Coventry

Mike Sessions

UK researcher - ex BAF - British Air Ferries and BWA - British World Airlines commercial director

Mike Swift

UK researcher

Nick Webb

Artist - creator of the featured Viscount line art

Peter Clark

British Aircraft Corporation BAC 1-11 Network - Worthing, West Sussex, England
Founder and webmaster, also a Monarch Airlines Captain

Richard Stanton

UK researcher - Haslemere, Surrey, England GU27 2BD
BA - British Airways staff

Romer Adams

UK researcher - Viscount Preservation Trust

Ron MacDonald

UK researcher - Thursley, Godalming, Surrey
Brooklands honorary team member and retired Air Canada Viscount captain

Simon Ellwood

Vickers Viscount Network website production

Tony Bennett

UK researcher - Woking, Surrey
Radio controlled Viscount model builder

The research team - France

Air France Viscount F-BGNM

France Flag

Jean-Luc Ganivet

French researcher

Michael Byrne

French researcher
Ex-technical illustrator, writer and lecturer on the Viscount

The research team - Germany

Lufthansa Viscount D-ANAD

Germany Flag

Markus Rheinlaender

German researcher, Holzminden, South of Hanover

The research team - Guernsey

Guernsey Airlines Viscount G-BFYZ

Guernsey Flag

Garry Russell

Guernsey researcher

The research team - Ireland

Aer Lingus Viscount EI-AFV

Ireland Flag

Ray Flynn

Irish researcher - retired after a career in the steel industry

The research team - Italy

LAI - Linee Aeree Italiane Viscount I-LARK

Italy Flag

Diego Meozzi

Italian researcher - journalist and the son of an Alitalia Viscount captain

The research team - Luxembourg

Luxair Viscount LX-LGC

Luxembourg Flag

Marc Muller

Luxembourg researcher
Senior flight attendant (Purser) for Luxair Luxembourg Airlines

The research team - New Zealand

New Zealand National Airways Corporation Viscount ZK-BRF

New Zealand Flag
New Zealand

Denys Coulter-Jones

ZK-BRF restoration team Christchurch

Peter Layne

New Zealand researcher - aviation author

The research team - Scotland

BOAC - British Overseas Airways Corporation Viscount G-AMOG

Scotland Flag

Ian Brown

Assistant curator, aviation, National Museum of Flight, East Fortune, Scotland
Home of Viscount c/n 7 G-AMOG

The research team - South Africa

SAA - South African Airways Viscount ZS-CDT

South Africa Flag
South Africa

Matthew Janse van Rensburg

South Africa researcher
Ex SAA - South African Airways Viscount flight attendant

Mike Daly

South Africa researcher
Ex CAA - Central Africa Airways Engine & Airfame fitter (March 1967 to February 1973) Journeyman in the engine and propeller section (until August 1973)

Tony Rickelton

South Africa researcher
Ex SAA - South African Airways engineering

Tony Rose

South Africa researcher
Ex CAA - Central African Airways, Air Rhodesia and Air Zimbabwe engineering

The research team - Spain

LAC - Lineas Aereas Canarias Viscount EC-DYC

Spain Flag

Austin John Brown - (sadly now deceased)

European researcher
Professional photographer and ex Cambrian Airways Viscount pilot

RIP May 2014

The research team - United States

Capital Airlines Viscount N7429

United States Flag
United States

Rory Kay

USA researcher
United Air Lines Boeing 757 and 767 training captain, Virginia

Will Blunt - (sadly now deceased)

USA researcher - GlobalairImage aviation photo archives - Texas

RIP July 2013

The research team - Wales

Cambrian Airways Viscount G-AMNZ

Wales Flag

Ian Miles

Welsh researcher - Mountain Ash, South Wales
CAD technician and Viscount model maker

Photo of BEA - British European Airways Viscount G-AOJC

The Vickers Viscount Network is always interested to hear from anyone who has information or photographs to help complete the story of the Viscount. If you can help please contact us at

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